Our Commitment

Operation Clean Sweep

To demonstrate our commitment to a clean environment, Precision Molded Plastics has taken the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge and is an OCS program partner to help control pellet, flake and powder loss worldwide. Many global partners have implemented practices for zero pellet, flake and powder loss through the Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter, which states the following:

Operation Clean Sweep


Plastic materials deliver significant societal benefits, including energy and resource savings, consumer protection and innovations that improve health care, reduce food spoilage and improve quality of life. For society to receive the benefits that plastics can provide, it is essential to properly recover them so that litter does not threaten our natural environment, including marine ecosystems.

Investigations by marine scientists are highlighting the extent to which littered plastic and other materials are ending up as debris in our oceans and the consequences for the marine environment. The organisations below are firmly committed to the principle that plastics do not belong in the world’s oceans and should not be littered - plastics should be responsibly used, reused, recycled and finally recovered for their energy value.

Plastic is present as debris in the marine environment as a result of poor or insufficient waste management, lack of sufficient recycling / recovery and bad practices such as land and marine litter. These are large and complex issues with societal and economic challenges, and are more than any single entity, industry, or government can solve. Building on work in individual regions, the undersigned organisations are coming together to work with governments, NGOs, researchers and other stakeholders to prevent marine litter.


  • Contribute to solutions by working in public-private partnerships aimed at preventing marine debris;
  • Work with the scientific community and researchers to better understand and evaluate the scope, origins and impact of and solutions to marine litter;
  • Promote comprehensive science-based policies and enforcement of existing laws to prevent marine litter;
  • Help spread knowledge regarding eco-efficient waste management systems and practices, particularly in communities and countries that border our oceans and watersheds;
  • Enhance opportunities to recover plastic products for recycling and energy recovery;
  • Steward the transport and distribution of plastic resin pellets and products from supplier to customer to prevent product loss and encourage our customers to do the same.

Success in these efforts will require sustained, good faith cooperation among a wide range of stakeholders. We will do our part and invite other organisations to join us.