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Learn about injection molding, tooling, plastics and more.


Download this helpful guide to common thermoplastic polymers.
Learn about the differences between surface finishes and textures with this quick guide.

Get this handy guide to the shrinkage of common thermoplastics (inches or millimeters).


Get this helpful checklist to guide your review of DFM study reports.

Make sure your print contains all the necessary data with this checklist containing over 100 items!

Three pages of information! Over 200 different items!
Ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of molds with this detailed checklist.


Learn about our custom manufacturing solutions and what sets Precision apart from other suppliers.
Check out the cover story about us in Plastics Technology magazine.
Download a data sheet to see all our services and capability specifications.
Download a copy of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
Our quality policy and the framework for organizational excellence.
Precision's policy regarding human rights and ethical business conduct.


One page document with a brief overview of the company.
Complete tooling solutions for plastic injection molding.
High volume, precision plastics manufacturing.
Finishing and value-added services.
Learn about our effortless mold transfer program.
Eco-friendly injection molding.


Get answers to some of the commonly asked questions about our streamlined manufacturing process.


Download this form for compiling all the relevant information on your injection molding program.


Learn about common plastic injection molding concepts and terminology.


A beginner's guide to plastic injection molding.
Get an introduction to computer part modeling and insight into the best format for your project.
The top ten factors to consider when comparing plastic injection molding proposals.
Discover the different types and effects of additives for injection molding.
Learn about biobased and biodegradable resins and what the options are for your injection molding.
A quick guide to the definitions, causes and remedies for frequently experienced quality issues.


A visual overview of commodity and engineering thermoplastics, elastomers, and blends.

The top ten reasons for building molds to bridge the gap between prototyping and high volume production.

An infographic supplement to our guide to plastic injection molding additives.

Starting a new injection molding project? Find out what to expect with this infographic.

Some helpful tips and considerations when designing new parts to be injection molded.

A quick summary of the top ten methods for decorating plastic injection molded parts.

A visual reference to the common industry standard for the flame rating of resins.

An infographic outlining the ten easy steps to producing plastic injection molded parts.


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Check out these unique sales tools and memorable presentation pieces.

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