Made In The USA


Since 1979, Precision has produced millions of parts and components here in the U.S. for American companies in a variety of industries, including electronics, computing, automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, construction and building, food and beverage, plumbing, irrigation, agricultural, sports, and consumer goods. Growing from a small, family-owned business to a leader in the industry, we build upon our legacy of quality manufacturing, pride in workmanship, and Plastics Made Perfect™ to serve our customers throughout the country.


Precision has worked with many American businesses looking to bring their manufacturing sources back to the United States. By offering these companies high quality products and services at competitive prices with the benefits of much shorter lead times, no tariffs or customs expenses, and personalized, easy-to-reach customer service, we have been successful in bringing many projects back home to the U.S.


We are proud to support multiple associations and organizations that represent, service and work to strengthen the U.S. economy. Additionally, we are involved in the Made in California program and the Manufacturer’s Council of the Inland Empire, both of which service and support the state and local communities and economies. Together we can strengthen our country and help it thrive here at home and successfully compete in the global economy.

made in the usa