Mold Building

Precision Molded Plastics offers complete tooling solutions for the development, launching and maintenance of successful plastic injection molding programs.

Custom Molding Building

custom mold building

The Precision mold building division designs, engineers and fabricates tooling ideally suited to fit the unique stage, scale and needs of your injection molding project.

Options include:

  • Class 105 (prototyping up to 1,000 cycles) to Class 101 (1,000,000+ cycles)
  • Single-cavity, multi-cavity, family molds, interchangeable inserts, bridge tooling, soft tooling
  • Cold and hot runner molds, custom gating, slides, unwinding cores, collapsible cores
  • Tooling for insert molding and overmolding applications


Research & Develpoment

Our team provides support, services and guidance to assist you in developing a dependable and profitable molding program and an overall more proficient supply chain.


  • We go beyond standard Design for Manufacturability (DFM) studies and take a Design for Excellence approach, whereby our team analyzes and optimizes tooling for manufacturability; moldability; customer goals; design considerations; cost and affordability; product life cycle; testing, quality and compliance; and so forth.


Turnkey Plastics Manufacturing

As a vertically integrated, plastic injection molding company, our tooling engineers, molding technicians, production personnel, quality professionals, and manufacturing consultants all collaborate with each other and with you to create an optimized supply chain program.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive value engineering to improve part and tool design for molding, manufacturing and secondary operations proficiency
  • On-site injection molding machines and state-of-the-art quality inspection equipment for tool testing, mold qualification, process validation and part sampling
  • Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) by experienced professionals
  • Joint performance of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) activities and preparation of associated documentation
  • Innovative tooling fabrication to achieve maximum moldability (part quality) and manufacturability (efficient production)
  • Regular preventative maintenance to ensure mold performance, tool longevity, part quality and the identification and addressing of potential issues
  • Rapid and collaborative troubleshooting and problem solving, coupled with any necessary repairs or modifications, to minimize production downtime
  • Synergistic and proactive campaign analysis to identify and exploit opportunities, to minimize and eliminate risks, and to lower costs and maximize profitability
  • Multidisciplinary manufacturing approach to achieve program excellence, optimization and success


Secondary & Finishing Operations

In addition to mold building and tooling repairs and modifications, Precision provides a variety of services related to plastic injection molding.

Services include:

  • Production machining of plastic and metal parts and components
  • Four and five axis CNC machines for precision and fine tolerance machining
  • Grinding and high-speed milling; hard milling
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM); CNC Hard Tool Lathe; CNC engraving
  • Surface finishes (polishing) and texturing


Testing & Refursbishment

Precision not only builds new tooling, but we also work with many OEMs and outside mold builders who have new or existing tooling and are looking to qualify or relocate molds.

Resources include:

  • Inspection, testing and qualification of new and transferred tooling
  • Assistance with reshoring campaigns and coordination of mold relocation activities
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Modification of tooling to meet part design changes or repair of poorly performing molds