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You invested in tooling and need to get good parts
that consistently are delivered on time.

But, there’s a problem…
  • The existing supplier is undependable
  • There continue to be unresolved issues
  • Nobody seems to be able to help
  • The service you’re getting doesn’t justify the pricing
  • Delivery dates are missed, even with long lead times
  • You need services your vendor doesn’t offer

Precision Molded Plastics provides services, resources and guidance to help you get the most out of your plastic injection molding.
And, PMP has competitive pricing, short lead times, and a long history of on time delivery.

Your Plan for an Effortless Mold Transfer

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"Working with Precision Molded Plastics
was a perfect experience."

Nick Vitale, Craft & Ride

With short lead times, on time delivery, and quality parts,
your plastic injection molding can be better than it has ever been.

  • Complimentary tooling inspection
  • A highly trained staff of experienced professionals
  • A fully equipped tooling department to repair, refurbish and maintain molds to minimize manufacturing downtime
  • Proactive troubleshooting and preemptive problem solving
  • Automation and robotics for optimized production and competitive pricing
  • Friendly, helpful and accessible customer and tech support

Can moving your molds really be that easy?

Well, we haven’t seen many molds leave, but we regularly manage the efficient and uneventful transfer of tooling to our facility. We can communicate and coordinate directly with the prior vendor, provide you with sample documents to facilitate the transition, send one of our trucks to pick up the molds, or simply receive them when they arrive, depending on your needs and preferences.

Once the tooling arrives at our plant, we conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with our findings and recommendations regarding repairs or refurbishments, if any.

Additionally, in situations like these, we’re used to lead times of yesterday, so we do everything we can to get you information, pricing, first article samples, and parts as quickly as possible.

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